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EZ Royal Golf Charters

EZ Royal Golf Charters

Why play golf in your city all the time?

EZ Charters brings the opportunity to arrange golf trips for your friends or clients to play single rounds or explore the beautiful Golf courses at Srinagar or Amby Valley for the day and making way back to town in time for evening engagements. If that’s not enough to win you over, though, there are plenty of other charter jet benefits to consider for your next golf trip.

Benefits of charter jet flights to golfing destinations

Ease and Convenience: With private charters, you will have a choice of flying at your own ease and convenience to your golf getaway - wherever they might be. You will be the one in-charge of this flight, as you can decide when this flight will take off and arrive, giving you time to enjoy food and wine.

EZ Royal Golf Charters

Hassle-free baggage claim process: Invest your energy in playing golf, rather than wasting it in security check-ins. Flying with EZ Charters brings in the benefit of hassle-free baggage process, so all you need to do is to enjoy luxury while you fly, knowing your clubs are securely loaded and later, make birdies.

Get whatever you need: Golf bag can take up a lot of space and can be an enormous hassle to bring in, when you're flying on commercial flights. So considering the number of people in your group, we will provide you the best package of seating and capacity for baggage and golf gear.

The best part is that appreciate the opportunity to express your pre-get-away and post-get-away stories with just your companions. Spring is around the corner that implies golf competitions are in progress. Regardless of whether you're playing in the competitions or going as an onlooker, traveling by charter flight will enable you to land in style.

The perfect golf excursion incorporates your own private charter carrying you to and from your preferred destination.

Hoping to fly you and your golf amigos private soon.