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Arranging medical air transport with EZ Charters gives patients and their families the confidence of receiving the best and complete health care services at a competitive price. Our experienced facilitators can respond rapidly to organize entire bedside care and provide patients with steady access to medical experts while in flight and amid the ground transportation.

The main goal of our company is to diminish any unnecessary stress on patients and their relatives through the conveyance of consistent services and security. Our selection of aircraft for such trips shall be fully equipped with medical and life supporting equipment, doctors, and provides complete access to patients on stretchers.


For travellers who don't need medical care in flight, however, may need to go with a wheelchair or supplemental oxygen, a private charter is surely a better choice. The flight organizer will guarantee that exceptional requests are met and the trip is as comfortable as possible.

Flying through commercials flight can be long and tiring, but a private flight will provide an upgraded level of comfort and faster travel time. We know exactly how to personalize every detail of the travel and provide comfort to the passengers with any type of special requirements.

We try our level best to locate the best charter provider by utilizing frameworks that will help find perfect solutions and in doing as such, we utilize market rivalry to drive down the cost of air medical services.

Advantages Of Using Medical Air Services :

  • Medical and life supporting Instruments
  • Ground transportation
  • Skilled medical staff
  • Large choice of aircraft services
  • Overall 24 Hour Services
  • Reasonable pricing

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